KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat is a true culinary experience showcasing progressive plant-based and raw living foods spa cuisine without the use of dairy, gluten, refined sugar or additives. Nutritionally healthy choices, sensational flavours and aromas – Kalyaana Spa & Wellness Retreat cuisine will show you that eating can be inspiring, healthy, creative and taste delicious. The KalyaaNa food philosophy aims to help guests find balance within their personal lifestyles; how to listen to and act on what their bodies are telling them and how to make long-term, sustainable changes towards greater health and happiness. We have disconnected from the beauty of being able to nourish our bodies through healthy food. So often we make automatic, unconscious decisions about diet that impact heavily on our health & wellness.

Fundamental to personal health and a healthy planet, plant-based and raw living foods support natural healing through cleansing to help us reach our highest potential. By integrating plant-based and raw living foods into our daily lives, we can look forward to wellness, greater energy and mental clarity, a positive outlook on life and spiritual awakening. Plant-based and raw living foods are highly rejuvenating. They contain the vital life force nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, oxygen) and living enzymes required to digest food, repair cellular damage and create billions of healthy new cells every day. Plant-based and raw living foods provide the maximum amount of energy with minimal bodily effort, and have been proven to help heal degenerative conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. These nutrient-rich foods are also effective in treating allergies, digestive disorders, weak immune systems, high cholesterol, obesity and weight problems, as well as various mental, emotional and skin disorders.

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At KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat, we define “raw living food” as organic, fresh, unprocessed, and uncooked. Raw foods have not been heated above 40 °C (104 °F). Raw living foods include raw vegetables, raw fruit, raw nuts and seeds, sprouts, roots, root vegetables and squashes, fresh herbs, spices, and seaweeds. With raw living foods both the water and the enzymes remain intact, whereas the cooking and refining process of many of today’s foods destroy the natural enzymes. Enzymes assist in the digestion of foods and are in essence the ‘energy’ or ‘life force’ of foods. In-house chef Karen creates mind blowing dishes that will stimulate your every taste bud.  Guests can indulge in a menu that will get your body into peak operating condition. Our menu is second to none. It is comprised of fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices along with raw living foods that naturally detoxify and assist in restoring the optimal function of the digestive system. We will work with you to customize your nutritional requirements to fit your goals. What’s more exciting is Karen will teach you how to do the same in your Raw Living Foods Masterclass.


At KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat we define “plant-based”  as centred on whole, unrefined, or minimally refined plants. It includes fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes, and it excludes meat (including chicken and fish), dairy products, as well as highly refined foods like bleached flour, refined sugar, and oil. We know that’s a mouthful! Rest assured, though, that you’ll be eating in a way that people have thrived on for thousands of years. We believe that you will find—as we do—that the foods are very tasty and satisfying.mousse

With a healthy spa cuisine approach to wellness in-house chef Karen personally chooses the freshest organic produce sourced from KalyaaNa’s own kitchen garden, as well as from local farmers and suppliers in the Blackwood River Valley and Southern Forests. Food is an integral part of our retreats and the more natural food you eat, the more you will enjoy radiant health and happiness. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to health and wellness and we understand that each individual has different dietary requirements, different lifestyle factors and are at a different emotional stage of change. Karen’s knowledge lends itself to an array of mouth-watering, life giving energy foods and we invite you to experience nature’s finest healing cuisine at KalyaaNa’s Mandala Dining Room.