The act of giving back or paying it forward is known as social responsibility. At KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat we are committed to social responsibility. We act ethically and with sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues. Giving back or paying it forward is our expression of thanks and gratitude for all life has bestowed upon us with in all areas of our life, including home, business, environment and health/ wellness.

All of our work at KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat is undertaken with the intent of repaying our community, society and the world. Giving back or paying it forward in our own special way creates a ripple effect that we believe will inspire and encourage others to do the same in their own unique way, even if it’s as simple as complimenting three people each day, feeding a stranger’s parking meter, giving a friendly smile or hugging someone.

We believe that everyday behaviours are the most valuable way to give back and pay it forward. By trying to develop your own qualities to become the best version of yourself, improving your health & wellness and your happiness, you are also benefiting the lives of others around you.

Another way we like to give back and pay it forward is supporting non-profit organisations. We choose organisations who’s values align with our own and which promote healthier and happy lifestyles and take action on preventing illness and disease, naturally. KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat also supports charities and organisations that protect and conserve the environment and the wellbeing and treatment of animals.

We support the following organisations –

Art for Cancer –

Cancer Support Western Australia –

Greenbushes Pink Fun Run –

HBF Run For A Reason –

Redkite –

Rose Centre –