KalyaaNa’s pratyAhAra Juice Detox & Cleanse Retreats are designed to renew your energy and vitality, cleanse your body,  shake off bad eating habits and  help to re-connect with your inner self. pratyAhAra is Sanskrit (Modern Hindu) and literally translated means to retreat, withdrawal, and/ or withdrawing, e.g., from external objects. Retreat and let your liver and digestive system rest from the common food intolerances and toxins such as wheat, grains, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, additives and pesticides with one of our holistically inspired pratyAhAra Detox & Cleanse Retreats.




Reservations & Enquiries (08) 97611420 or alternatively you can email enquiries to: relax@kalyaanawellnessretreat.com.au


Juice Detox & Cleanse Retreat

Cleanse your body, shake off bad eating habits, and to re-connect with your inner self with KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat’s Juice Detox & Cleanse Retreat. Juice cleansing is a wonderful experience for all seasons and a perfect opportunity to retreat from your everyday life. The strength of the program lies in our team of professionals who are passionate about optimising your health. Our fully comprehensive 3, 5 or 7 night Juice Detox & Cleanse Retreats will help you to feel healthier and adopt a better lifestyle. What differentiates KalyaaNa from other retreat programmes is our high level of personalised and professional level of care and service. We have many years of experience in wellness and we will guide you with love and sensitivity through the process. You’ll feel fully informed and well cared for from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. We supplement the freshly made organic juices with chlorophyll which helps to cleanse the blood and we add psyllium husk which gives you that ‘full’ feeling and staves off hunger pangs. As well as being incredibly restful, a KalyaaNa Juice Detox & Cleanse Retreat is also highly informative and you will gain practical knowledge about how best to feed and care for your wonderful body-mind at home. We will provide information on which foods to avoid and which foods are best for maximum cellular health, nutrition and energy. For those who love sugar, cheese and bread, we will provide you with delicious healthy alternatives that will vitalise rather than deplete you. Juice Detox & Cleanse Retreats are gluten, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy free.



*Three (3), Five (5) or Seven (7) nights accommodation in exclusive luxury at KalyaaNa

*Pre-cleanse instructions to help you prepare

*3 nutritious fruit/ vegetable juice meals per day + mineral broth every evening

*Juice cleanse masterclass

*Therapeutic massage

*Guided meditation (3x 60mins sessions) – (Level 1: Breathing, Level 2: Passive Relaxation & Level 3: Visualization)

*Sound healing session

*Inspirational health & nutrition movie

*Complimentary e-book Juiced – The Healthy Way

*Wellness Spa Package includes aromatherapy oil, guided meditation CD and book titled The Alternative Approach to Healing

*Complimentary optional morning fitness sessions

*Complimentary optional afternoon meditation sessions

*Unlimited use of sauna

*Unlimited use of jacuzzi

*Access to all facilities

*Access to library with extensive range self improvement & motivation, health & wellbeing books

*Caters to those with special dietary requirements

*Selection of herbal teas and tonics

*Healthy gourmet ‘superfood’ snacks & juice bar

*10% Discount on future coaching sessions by telephone/Skype available to retreat participants for up to five follow-up sessions. These sessions are an additional optional extra, providing ongoing support for those wanting to receive continued assistance in navigating their Juice Cleanse journey upon return back home.



Juice Cleanse Retreat 3 Night

Aatmaani Queen Spa Suite    Single $2710.00 GST Inc.    Twin/ Couple $4730.00 GST Inc.

Chetanaa Deluxe Queen Spa Suite    Single $2800.00 GST Inc.    Twin/ Couple $4829.00 GST Inc.

Juice Cleanse Retreat 5 Night

Aatmaani Queen Spa Suite    Single $3610.00 GST Inc.    Twin/ Couple $6050.00 GST Inc.

Chetanaa Deluxe Queen Spa Suite    Single $3760.00 GST Inc.    Twin/ Couple $6215.00 GST Inc.

Juice Cleanse Retreat 7 Night

Aatmaani Queen Spa Suite    Single $4840.00 GST Inc.    Twin/ Couple $7370.00 GST Inc.

Chetanaa Deluxe Queen Spa Suite    Single $5071.00 GST Inc.    Twin/ Couple $7601.00 GST Inc.

With all our Cleanse & Detox Retreats we offer a free phone consultation with one of our retreat hosts to get a better idea of how to customise your retreat experience to enable the best outcome for you. Everybody is different so essentially every retreat program we create has a unique signature approach to each persons reasons for retreating, life situation and circumstances.




Reservations & Enquiries (08) 97611420 or alternatively you can email enquiries to:  relax@kalyaanawellnessretreat.com.au  


Disclaimer: It is important to understand that KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat is not a hospital or clinic and therefore we do not operate within the medical model. If you are suffering from an dependency to alcohol, marijuana, prescribed medication or illicit drugs these substances cannot be taken during retreat and KalyaaNa does not recommend a retreat setting for these issues. We are not a mental health facility or drug and alcohol treatment centre but we can offer an excellent retreat program to aid in the underlying causes of your dependencies and a retreat where real change happens long term. If it is found during your retreat program that you are attempting to detox from alcohol and/ or  prescription or illicit drugs, this can be extremely dangerous and detrimental to your health & wellness and you risk your retreat program being cancelled immediately. KalyaaNa embraces a holistic, non-pharmaceutical, personalized custom-designed psychotherapeutic approach using evidence-based treatments. At KalyaaNa we emphasize the mastery of mindfulness, personal responsibility and self-control delivered through personalized one-on-one wellness treatments which focus on that to help your manage your thoughts, feelings, behaviour. KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat takes is duty of care to guests’ seriously and commits to the responsibility to do no harm including the avoidance of foreseeable, unnecessary harm (nonmaleficence) and to act in the best interest of our guests at all times. KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat has the right to refuse prospective guests’ acceptance into our retreat programs in circumstances we deem it would not be in the best interests of the guests health, safety and wellbeing. Information provided to us regarding your current health and wellness status must be accurate. We are each responsible for our own experience. We are a health & wellness retreat. This means you can expect to experience only healthy food, a physical detox program, restriction to technology and the modern world and a range of fitness, holistic health and wellbeing activities. It is also expected that you will commit 100% to your program and provide a present and willing nature to be a part of your sessions and program at all times. Commitment = results. KalyaaNa is known for its fast moving self-development approach to wellbeing, so it is to be expected that there may be some personal reflection and work to be done at our retreat.