As a society, Australians are working some of the longest full-time hours in the developed world. It is critical that employee wellbeing is considered in the overall health of corporate business. The growing body of research confirms a positive return on investment on corporate health and wellness initiatives. Studies show that the average return on investment for workplace wellness programs is at least $3-$5 for every $1 invested (Harvard Business Review). Benefits of these initiatives include improved employee morale, reduced healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism, and increased creativity and productivity. The key to success lies in focusing not only on physical health and fitness, but on preventive care and lasting lifestyle changes. Emphasizing proper nutrition and stress management, this integrated approach leads to astonishing transformations that enable employees to work at their full potential.

1M6A2602Enlightened organizations recognize that investing in the health of their people is good business. Your people are your competitive advantage. A culture of wellness starts at the top. Be your best self – at work, on the road, at home, and at play – and model those behaviours for your organization. Send your key staff, partners, and clients to KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat to optimize their health, well-being, and productivity – and the performance of your organization.

Karen Civello B(Psych)Hons. is a qualified Counsellor (Member of the Australian Counselling Association Inc.), Supervisor (Australian Counselling Association Inc. College of Professional Supervisors), and Trainer & Assessor (Certificate IV in Training & Assessment – TAA40104), therefore KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat can offer organisations, corporate managers, and allied health professionals both Supervision and Ongoing Professional Development (ODP) if required.

Most of the corporate wellness services we offer can be delivered in various formats, including residential retreats, and half-day or full-day workshops. Here are some of the components we offer:

* Stress Management

* Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

* Work/ Life Balance

* Self-Care

* Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Consultations

* Wellness Consultations

* Team Building

* Corporate fitness

* Healthy Cooking Demonstrations & Culinary Master Classes

*Professional supervision

*Ongoing Professional Development (ODP)




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