KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat’s reputation for excellence is credited to hosts Karen & Vince Civello and a team of highly qualified professionals, each bringing their specialised unique skills and expertise, to ensure an exclusive and professional experience! KalyaaNa’s health, fitness and wellness specialists include massage therapists, counsellors, personal trainers and life coaches all diverse in various styles of holistic healing and wellness.

Karen Civello
B(Psych) Hons., Dip. Exercise Science & Fitness Management, Founder, Host, Counsellor (M.A.C.A.) and Wellness Consultant

Karen Civello is recognized as one of Australia’s leading health, fitness & well-being authorities and is also an inspiring and entertaining seminar presenter. Having appeared on radio and previously having her own column ‘Tailored for Fitness’ in the Western Weekly newspaper, Karen is enthusiastically sought after by individuals and couples who take the state of their health, fitness and wellness seriously. Combining her skills as a compelling and experienced presenter, her active sporting background in fitness figure competitions and prior fitness consultancy business, psychology degree and her training as a masseur, and qualified chef, Karen a cancer survivor along with husband Vince Civello founded KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat. Karen is continually developing, expanding and refining what the small boutique retreat offers and as such KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat has grown from strength to strength providing the highest quality health, fitness & wellness service possible.

Vince Civello

Co-Founder, Host & Manager

Vince Civello, KalyaaNa’s co-founder has extensive knowledge and expertise in the tourism industry having previously managed Gracetown Caravan Park, Golden Village Caravan Park and Karrinyup Waters Resort. Vince supports Karen as she operates KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat, but will continue his career working at the local mine in Greenbushes for SG Mining. Combining management and maitre d’ skills Vince is responsible for helping Karen with the hospitality and customer service side of the business. Vince is also KalyaaNa’s Spa & Wellness Retreat’s general cleaning and accommodation maintenance man. Vince is an ingenious partner, having an unsual aptitude for inventing and bringing to life many of Karen’s ideas.

Tanya Marie Lockley
Reiki Master & Practitioner and Organic, Chemical Free Food and Farmer

Tania joined KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat in March 2014. From the age of two years old Tania was sensitive to energy and extremely empathetic. Her sensitivity to energy and others was heighten throughout her teens after a series of anxiety attacks and intense paranoia as a result of drug and alcohol use. During this time Tania sought ‘alternative’ therapies to help her cope through those moments and quite accidently stumbled upon a reiki practitioner as a means to relax and heal the spirit and emotions. Tania was formally initiated into Reiki in 1996 after the birth of her first daughter by a friend who had travelled to Egypt to attain her Masters in Reiki. Tania’s initiation into Level 1 Usui Shiki Ryoho system of healing was a deeply profound experience for her which heighten her awareness of energy even further. In 1997 Tania took a part time position with the Cancer Support Association in Cottesloe as the Personal Assistant to the Managing Director, and through the Association her interest in the mind, body and spirit connection grew. In 1999, Tania was initiated into Level 2 Reiki by one of the Association’s group facilitators and Reiki Master. Tania’s initiation as a Reiki Master was held on 21 July 2007 and continues to this day. For Tania, becoming a Reiki Master was about allowing the depth of healing and growth to continually manifest throughout her life, allowing it to master her, rather than me mastering it. Tania is passionate about being able to assist and help others with the gift of Reiki and often intuitively uses Australian Bush Flower Essences in conjunction with Reiki to assist with the releasing of negative patterns during a Reiki treatment at KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat. Tania is eighth in a direct line of Reiki Masters descending from Mikao Usui’s spiritual lineage. Tania and her family have lived in Bridgetown since August 2001 and own a small farm out of town. They are passionate about organic, chemical free food and farming practices, healthy living through diet, exercise and honouring themselves and their individual needs.

Lisa Harffey
Massage Therapist (Cert IV Massage Therapy)

Lisa attained her Certificate IV in Massage Therapy and joined the KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat team as a massage therapist in August 2015. She completed her Swedish massage training with Gaye Riches and Balinese massage training with Sang Spa in Ubud in early 2016 and now operates her own practice in Bridgetown. Although relatively new to working as a massage therapist Lisa has an innate ability combined with intuition, empathy and compassion. Using a combination of Swedish & Balinese massage techniques her massages will soothe the soul, release tired, sore muscles, boost your bodies’ circulation, and strengthen your immune system, releasing the feel good hormones to help with mood and general wellbeing. Lisa’s passion for health & wellbeing developed after battling chronic depression and dealing with the sudden death of her partner. Over time Lisa tried just about ‘everything’ to overcome her problems. With a thirst for knowledge and after receiving extensive counselling she has learnt that ‘balance’ is the key. Healthy eating and exercise combined with meditation and other complementary treatments has enabled her to find that balance. Having previous experience in hospitality Lisa’s work ethic shined through and she was offered the additional role of domestic goddess of guest services at KalyaaNa in October 2015. Whilst working at KalyaaNa Spa & Wellness Retreat Lisa intends to continue her learning journey with the team’s full support.

Videhya Klaassen
Counsellor (AIPC), Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Theta Healer Practitioner (DNA), and Self-Published Author

Videhya has worked in her private practice in the field of health and healing for over 20 years. Beginning in Bunbury, and now currently at her home practice in Balingup and surrounding areas. Since qualifying at Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors in 2004 she completed part-time study in Social work and worked as a volunteer alongside a welfare worker, as a Reiki practitioner for a cancer support group and as a facilitator in drug and alcohol abuse & dependency. Videhya is an Accredited Member of IICT. Videhya is a mother of 3 and had been a court appointed Guardian for 3 years. She has an innate desire to offer love and support to those in need. Through her own direct experiences she turned to meditation and healing, later teaching breathe awareness and silent meditation classes. Videhya follows the path of Advatic teaching and has created a Self-Development series of guided meditations and positive life affirmations, guided chakra meditations, aromatherapy oil blends for physical, emotional & mental ailments and written a self-help book ‘The alternative approach to healing’ and in 2013 she founded Soul to Soul Healing.